Dividing and Conquering the Trash

By DAVID ZAX ~ OCT. 25, 2014 Nate Morris pulled his rental Toyota Prius into a parking spot outside Bavarian Waste Services, a waste [...]
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Alison Teal Visits The Maldives’ Trash Island And Reveals The Plastic Problem That Isn’t Shown On TV

The Huffington Post  | By Carla Herreria  |  Posted: 10/04/2014 5:59 pm EDT  Last year, Alison Teal arrived on an uninhabited Maldivian [...]
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Mesmerizing Photos of People Lying in a Week’s Worth of Their Trash

  By Jordan G. Teicher ~ Slate.com July 8 2014 11:00 AM     The United States has a trash problem. According to the U.S. [...]
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Glacier melting linked more closely with burning of fossil fuels

by Alex Morales ~ Bloomberg News  August 15, 2014 LONDON — The human contribution to melting glaciers is quickening and now accounts [...]
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