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The Ultimate Effect

The Ultimate Effect: Where will these power plants release their output? Who will benefit? Will this lower energy costs?                 In partnership with Synova, FullCycle Energy Fund aims to provide affordable energy and reduce municipal waste. Through Synova’s patented [...] More »

The Truth About Traditional Power

The Truth About Traditional Power             Traditional coal-fueled power plants offer cheap energy at the expense of the environment. They pollute both the atmosphere and our waterways while consuming vast amounts of fresh water and land resources and emiting billions of [...] More »

Five Facts on Trash

  In partnership with Synova, FullCycle Energy Fund directly addresses the world’s growing energy needs and is transforming the energy industry one piece of trash at a time through their Waste-To-Energy venture. Because trash is everywhere and threatens our environment [...] More »

Full Cycle In The News

                Since 2013, FullCycle Energy Fund and Synova have created a lot buzz in the Waste-to-Energy industry.  Ibrahim AlHusseini, founder and general partner of the venture, has been featured in various publications, has also participated in the 2014 Family Office [...] More »

Investing In A Cleaner Future

Investing In A Cleaner Future How FullCycle Energy Fund and Synova structure their advanced technology in areas where it is most needed         “Altering traditional power plants with Synova’s patented Olga Design will reduce municipal waste and lead the energy industry [...] More »

A New Market Opportunity

At FullCycle Energy Fund, we have harnessed innovation, technology and a clear vision to take the energy industry into new territory.  By collaborating with our partner Synova, FullCycle is addressing the world’s growing needs for clean, sustainable energy on a global scale [...] More »

Transforming Our Future

In order to transform our future we must act now. Pollution and irresponsible waste disposal continue to increase and harm public health and ecological systems worldwide.  Landfills, in particular, are on of the largest man-made emitters of green house gases and produce [...] More »

Transforming The Waste-to-Energy Industry

Many people remain unaware that the Waste-to-Energy industry has been around for over 100 years. Originally, the industry focused on waste incineration and the recovery of energy with the first incinerator built in Nottingham, UK in 1874 by Manlove, Alliot & Co. Ltd.  [...] More »

Ibrahim AlHusseini & FullCylcle Energy Fund- Changing Waste To Energy

  FullCycle Energy Fund’s goal is to finance and own innovative Waste-to- Energy ventures that will reduce the burden of waste on our planet and revolutionize the clean energy industry. While on an individual level our personal waste production and energy consumption [...] More »

Interview With FullCycle Energy Fund Founder – Ibrahim AlHusseini

Ibrahim AlHusseini is the founder and managing partner of FullCycle Energy Fund, the venture designed to revolutionize our relationship with waste by converting a costly environmental problem into a clean, valuable fuel. AlHusseini is also a venture capitalist and [...] More »