FullCycle Energy is committed to investments that produce widespread environmental benefit – cleaner air, healthier oceans, reduced greenhouse gases, less waste — and significant economic returns.

FullCycle Energy Fund and our operating partner, Synova Power, achieve these goals at global scale.

  • Synova’s projects save up to 1.4 tons of CO₂ per ton of waste diverted and provide a clean and healthy means of disposing waste, bio-solids, and other organic components.
  • By generating energy from waste, Synova’s projects dramatically lower greenhouse gas emissions — more effectively than solar or wind – and produce lesser quantities of other pollutants. They also enable the generation of green energy without added grid complexity or building redundant infrastructure.
  • Synova’s projects save 1.1 tons of CO₂ relative to natural gas and 1.4 tons of CO₂ relative to coal. They also eliminate methane emissions that are 21 times more harmful than CO₂.

of the world’s waste is dumped or landfilled

is the highest fraction of Municipal Solid Waste a country has diverted to recycling or composting (Austria)

billion USD of capital required to address the first 80% of the unmet need

is the number of waste-to-energy plants China plans to install in the next few years