FullCycle Energy Fund is an infrastructure development fund focused on waste to energy conversion. FullCycle provides investors with the opportunity to fund groundbreaking advancements in waste to energy technologies and projects, while addressing the consequences of climate change and the increasing demand for low carbon energy.

  • FullCycle Energy was formed to make majority equity investments in a portfolio of waste to energy power projects. FullCycle has partnered with Synova Power, the leader in next-generation gasification technology, because of their comprehensive approach and significant expertise in energy generation. By making equity investments in select Synova projects that meet the funds’ objectives and criteria, FullCycle facilitates rapid and robust waste to energy conversion.
  • Synova Power is an innovative developer of waste conversion plants that employ an ultra-clean, highly efficient compact “IGCC” design. The IGCC – Integrated Gasification Combined Cycle – power plant converts solid fuels into a synthesis gas – commonly referred as syngas – to power a turbine. This process is similar to a natural gas fired power plant. Synova’s design and proven technology are based in part on the work of their CTO, Mr. Peter Tijm, Shell’s former chief of gasification and gas to liquids research, who identified Synova’s technology as the most economic and environmentally impactful solution for waste to energy conversion.
  • Limited Partners in the Fund will benefit from several important competitive advantages including: the General Partner’s conservative orientation and commitment to preserving Limited Partner’s capital; the Fund’s exclusive focus on and collaboration with a single developer and an existing pipeline of waste to energy projects that yield promising, risk adjusted rates of return; the Fund’s focus on the global Municipal Solid Waste market (MSW) which is projected to double to 6.1 m/t/d by 2025; the Fund’s access to a top-of-the-line, modular, integrated project design and proven technology that unlocks the potential of an IGCC for clean waste conversion; and the Fund’s numerous options for existing portfolio investments.
  • Synova Power controls the intellectual property surrounding a unique process that, for the first time, enables development of profitable small-to-medium sized waste-to-energy projects. The technology behind Synova’s competitive advantage is the result of decades of experience by Synova and its partners.