Waste conversion is a multi-billion dollar per year international market opportunity.
Join us in building a cleaner, healthier future.

The world urgently needs solutions to our growing waste problem and well as sources of clean, renewable energy. Synova’s next-generation gasification technologies allow the production of cost-effective, clean energy derived from municipal waste. Synova’s highly efficient approach to waste gasification and energy production drive attractive returns on the sale of power or syngas –while also disposing of ever-growing waste in a clean and beneficial manner. The result? A truly impactful investment opportunity that is good for the environment, good for people, and good for investors who want to maintain or exceed traditional power investments.

  • The Philippines and Thailand, two of Synova’s development regions, could each support 60+ mid-size Synova projects.
  • The US and China together will require more than $100 billion of development capital in order to build waste to energy infrastructure to gasify their MSW.
  • FullCycle owns first right of refusal for project and equity financing for Synova’s advanced waste to energy projects.
  • Synova utilizes a patented and proprietary system to build or retrofit existing energy plants to convert trash into synthetic gas to produce power. Their unique process is both cleaner and more efficient than other existing approaches, and reduces greenhouse gas emissions by approximately 98% when compared to MSW in a landfill.