Devin Whatley

Devin Whatley


Devin Whatley is a partner at EIF, Ecosystem Integrity Fund, and leads deal structuring and negotiations, assists with the fund strategy, and is also responsible for much of the firm’s financial and operations-focused due diligence.

Devin has spent much of his career as a sustainability-focused entrepreneur, with significant experience in operations, sales, and finance. Devin began his career in the film business, where he developed and honed his operations and cost-management skills as the producer of more than 50 large-budget commercials and music videos.

Looking for a way to use his diverse skill set as a triple-bottom-line entrepreneur, in 2000 Devin launched a gourmet, organic home delivery and packaged food business that catered to the Hollywood elite. Devin rapidly grew the firm, exiting it within three years to a larger natural food manufacturer in the region. Subsequently, Devin was the general manager of a start-up organic winery that he grew to profitability, and also developed and ran a successful luxury yoga retreat business near Santa Barbara.

After a brief stint at his family’s award-winning mutual fund where he worked with the investment team and institutional sales group, Devin became a partner at Aquillian Investments. Devin is a Chartered Financial Analyst, and has an MBA from Wharton. He graduated Magna Cum Laude and Phi Beta Kappa from UCLA’s Honors Division where he was both an Alumni Scholar and Regents’ Scholar, earning a joint degree in Business and East Asian Studies.