Ibrahim AlHusseini

Ibrahim AlHusseini

Managing Partner

Ibrahim AlHusseini is a humanitarian and investor dedicated to financing companies that implement market ready solutions to our greatest social and environmental challenges.

AlHusseini spent his early career as a sustainability-focused entrepreneur, with significant experience in operations, sales, and finance. He is dedicated to addressing our growing global waste crisis and founded FullCycle Energy LP to finance projects that convert our costly environmental problem into clean, valuable fuel to power communities around the world.

AlHusseini concurrently manages his family office, The Husseini Group LLC, in Los Angeles, CA. The Husseini Group, has over a decade of funding ventures that embrace social enhancement and ecological sustainability with numerous notable holdings, including Infenera (NASDAQ:INFN), Tesla Motors (NASDAQ:TSLA), Bloom Energy, Ethical Electric, Zep Solar (acquired by Solar City (NASDAQ: SCTY), Thrive Market, Kevita, Cornerstone Capital, Sites.com (acquired by Internet Brands (NASDAQ: INET) and many others.

AlHusseini is a frequent speaker at family office and wealth conferences, and routinely speaks at universities and summits to promote the merits of impact investing and the solution economy.

Equally passionate about gender equality and the arts, AlHusseini supports several NGOs advancing social and cultural change in societies that adversely impact women and girls. He serves on the boards of Synova Power, Cornerstone Capital, The Culture Project, The Global Partnership for Women and Girls and The Biomimicry Institute.