Transforming The Waste-to-Energy Industry


Investing in projects that directly improve the global environment is at the core of FullCycle Fund’s mission.

Many people remain unaware that the Waste-to-Energy industry has been around for over 100 years. Originally, the industry focused on waste incineration and the recovery of energy with the first incinerator built in Nottingham, UK in 1874 by Manlove, Alliot & Co. Ltd.  Shortly after, in 1885 the United States built their first incinerator on Governors Island in New York City. These incinerators were able to recover energy through burning waste, using the released heat to boil water, and using the steam produced to power turbines that generate electricity. The emergence of this new technology was truly innovative and provided alternatives to the heavy use of fossil fuels. We knew that we could not continue to exhaust finite non-renewable resources like coal and natural gas, and that we must produce cleaner energy and reduce the burden of waste, however it was not until the 1920’s that we started using gasification.

The gasification process takes organic, carbonaceous materials and transforms them into efficient synthetic gas through a series of chemical reactions held at high temperatures. Gasification technology has improved dramatically by 21st century developments in order to expand the market and efficiency of the waste to energy industry.

Today, FullCycle Energy Fund is taking the process even further with their highly advanced systems and great leaps in innovation. FullCycle Energy Fund founder Ibrahim AlHusseini explains how their unique approach solves many critical problems at once and how their Synova-Dahlman system converts the highest percentage of garbage to electricity.  “FullCycle Energy Fund solves our growing garbage problem, our need for more sources of green energy helps bring to market an ecologically and socially sound investment opportunity”, says AlHuessini.

Ibrahim AlHusseini, FullCycle Energy Fund Founder.

Ibrahim AlHusseini, FullCycle Energy Fund Founder.


FullCycle Energy Fund and their partner, Synova Inc. together with Royal Dalhman, have not only implemented gasification in their model, but have also improved upon the available waste to energy technology with their patented OLGA design. The OLGA rinses and scrubs carbon dioxide, hydrogen, and carbon monoxide molecules in order to produce syngas and this innovation makes the conversion from waste to energy efficient and accessible. Through the partnership with FullCycle Energy Fund, this technology will be employed in converted energy plants and help fight both environmental and waste problems so that we can transition from our outdated, harmful modes of energy production and embrace these new methods that will better our earth for generations to come.

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