• After decades of investing in late-stage clean technology companies, we finally found a company that solves several major environmental problems, at meaningful scale, and does so with attractive financial returns.
    -Ibrahim Al Husseini, Managing Partner
Watch the FullCycle story of waste to energy conversion

About FullCycle

FullCycle Energy Fund's purpose is to provide above average returns by investing in the emerging market of converting traditional electric generation plants from high cost,...

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The FullCycle Fund has contracted with Synova Inc, an engineering company with a significant track record in the energy production market.This initial partnership enables...

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Waste conversion is a multi- billion dollar per year international market opportunity, in which the largest players in the US and China will respectively require $50B and $75B...

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Investing in projects that directly improve the global environment is at the core of FullCycle Fund's mission. We believe that any investment should produce tangible environmental...

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