• "If you want to fight climate change, improve public health,
    find new sources of wealth for poor people...
    the closest thing to a silver bullet is closing all
    the landfills in the cities."
    Bill Clinton CGI 2010
  • The Carbon Footprint of a MSW/Syngas Power Generation
    Facility is 37.5% less than traditional plants.
  • "Global annual production of municipal solid waste is expected to grow
    from 1.3 billion tons today to 9.8 billion tons in 2050.
    Poorly constructed and operated landfills are
    creating massive environmental and financial burdens."
  • "Waste to Energy Power Generation transforms
    a global environmental and financial problem
    into a profitable solution."

learn what the full cycle energy fund is all about

FullCycle Energy Fund

FullCycle Energy Fund's purpose is to provide above average returns by investing in the emerging market of converting traditional electric generation plants from high cost,...

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Investment Strategy

The FullCycle Fund has contracted with Synova Inc, an engineering company with a significant track record in the energy production market.This initial partnership enables...

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Market Opportunity

Waste conversion is a multi- billion dollar per year international market opportunity, in which the largest players in the US and China will respectively require $50B and $75B...

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Environmental Impact

Investing in projects that directly improve the global environment is at the core of FullCycle Fund's mission. We believe that any investment should produce tangible environmental...

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